John Stoecker

A smattering of personal projects. Interested in music, maps, games, art, and fun problems.

Chill beats to relax and sail on alien planets to. Procedural generation of land, sky, and planets.
A DIY card game for very young people. Let's Enjoy Organized Nonsense!
Arcade game on steam, fast paced laser defense. Windows only(yikes!), requires gamepad.
A terrible poem with even worse D&D minifig photos
In one scene in this excellent movie you might be able to see me in the background.
Middle Earth Map with Thror's map inset. Moon letters glow in the dark!
An outrun music visualizer consuming internet radio. Press "d" to spawn a dolphin.
An unfinished, unedited, poorly written fantasy novel, but with a fun pixel art map.
A friendly little endpoint to turn text into an image
Road Trippin' Tracker Across the USA
A weekly game of thronesy predictions
A short'n'sweet afternoon project to make pangrams
My brother and I are racing to see who can finish the NPR Top 100 Sci/Fantasy Book list first, so we use this to track progress. Uses google sheets (lol) as a backend
Cheap acrylic on basement drywall. Not one visitor could name all the characters from memory. Can you?
A 3-part short story interspersed with emojis
A tiled trivia team game with a game master. Complete challenges, upgrade your robot, and take over the world!
Christmas carols with a Game of Thrones twist. Spoiler alert!
With a comic artist like this, who needs enemies?
The WaveSaw
A flexible instrument for direct timbral manipulation.