You can find Stephanie’s writing online at neutrons/protons, and at Readersunbound where she reviews books and is a blog contributor. She’s a member of the Peauxdunque Writer’s group in New Orleans. Currently she’s at work on her second novel, which was a finalist in the Wisdom-Faulkner “novel in progress” category.

Stephanie’s first novel, Leaves of the Foster Line, follows Temmie, a wide-eyed American, as he searches France for the mother who abandoned him. As he chases his mother’s shadow from the rural North to a gang in Marseille, we follow Temmie and those closest to him: his grandfather, an ex-Navy man struggling to manage their farm back in the Ozarks; his girlfriend, a French student in denial about her boyfriend’s sexuality; and his mother, a talented forger who believes luck will guide her and her infant son through her risky ventures.

An excerpt of Leaves of the Foster Line was named semifinalist in the Wisdom-Faulkner Writing Competition.